Tree of Dawn's second single 'Carousel' coming out on December 9!

‘Carousel’ is an edgy, electronic song, aimed to nudge one’s curiosity. It talks about the ability to step outside one’s comfort zone and let loose. The provocative tone of the song can be sensed through both, lyrics and music alike, luring the listener in a mellow trance.

‘Carousel’ will be available on all streaming platforms and is now available for Spotify Pre-Save.

Ronja Burve- vocals
Christos Yerolatsitis- keyboards and synthesizers
Antreas Yerolatsitis- electric guitar

Recording by Krišs Veismanis
Mixing by Luca Petracca
Production by Luca Petracca and Tree of Dawn
Mastering at Calyx Mastering by Mark Bihler
Artwork by Yionny F. Avraamides

All rights reserved.